Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our 1st wedding anniversary
and it was celebrated at hospital selayang!
Hamza caught a viral fever from friday night
sabtu pagi pegi emergency sebab suhu dia 38.9c
dapat ubat syrup
ahad dah elok
aku pulak demam selsema
isnin hamza demam balik
petang isnin pegi emergency again sbb badan dia merah
tapi lepas 2 jam kitorang balik...too crowded!
pagi selasa, 25.12.12
suhu hamza 38.4c aku terus bagi ubat demam and pergi emergency again
kalini buat blood test
thank God just normal fever je
but he has to take antibiotic
poor baby
kecik2 dah kena makan drugs
i've tasted the meds and it's really sweet!
patutla hamza nomnom sedap minum
today aku amik unpaid leave nak monitor hamza
Alhamdulillah dia dah tak demam
tapi antibiotic kena kasi habis
and dia mengempeng je kat aku
aku dah seriau ni srbab sabtu ni kenduri akikah dia
kalo demam gak memang tunda la jawabnya

back to our anniversary story
surfacing and i memang takde plan celebrate apa
just nak pegi survey baby carrier je
lapipun kenduri ni nanti kira celebrate sekali lah

to my dear surfacing
11 years knowing you, one year as husband and wife
I can safely say i'll never get tired of us
everyday is a new day
different story fill with laughter, sometimes anger
then in 5 minutes it become laughter again
You know, the first time I met you, I already knew you are the ONE
We've been through a lot and if i have to go through it again just to be with you
Love you my husband, my soulmate, my bestfriend, father to my child.

Come into these arms again 
and lay your body down 
The rhythm of this trembling heart 
is beating like a drum 
It beats for you it bleeds for you 
it knows not how it sounds 
For it is the drum of drums 
it is the song of songs

Annie Lennox - Love Song for a Vampire


cha said...

Happy 1st anniversary u. Ala kesiannya hamza demam. Takpe nanti boleh belated celeb. Wish pun dah ok dah. Hope u husband hamza sume sihatla utk akikah nanti k. Amin

pet said...

Thank you cha. you pun baru celebrate jugak kan..hehe. Hopefully semua sihat sebab i pun kejap selsema la kejap sakit perut. anyway cha, boleh bagi your email address - email to me: