Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Surfacing...You're 28!

My surfacing is 28 years old on 28th June
I was at Sarawak on his birthday
so we decided to celebrate it a day before

But the present was opened way earlier
since it's posted to his house
and he's so eager to check what inside
well actually he already know what it is
He just can't wait to wear it

It's a Black Label Society wrist watch
Purchase it at Catacombs
Delivered after 30 days
This is the 3rd time I give him watch as a present
within our 9 years relationship
So skang jam The crow boleh direhatkan dari tugasan
selama 5 tahun berkhidmat...ngeee

Tula beli lagi jam banyak banyak tali camni
kan dah susah nak pakai...
Btw I really like this type of watch
But it kinda big for my hand
Actually it's kinda big for his hand either

Whatever it is he really love the watch
and it makes me happy to see him wearing it everyday

My Dear Surfacing,
I wish to celebrate your birthday
every year together until the end of time
Whole lotta love.

Jack Johnson - What you thought You Need

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