Friday, July 23, 2010


Meat mania large domino's pizza new york crust...
with extra cheese

This afternoon my lovely lady boss, Ms Eriko
who just got back from Cameron Highlands
bought 2 large pizza for us -
meat mania and classsified chicken..
both my favorite
and i am not suppose to eat this type of food on weekdays
(tapi apa jadi dengan bigmac selasa lepas..ngeee)

I ate 2 slices of pizza
dengan 2 bread stick + blackpepper sauce yang macam dadah tu

So now I feel so guilty to my blood
you know that i have to eat more veggies nowadays
and I really hate veggies
Thanks to my horrible skin, i have no choice.

Of course I have to start slowly...
My Surfacing is the one who introduce me to KFC salad..
which is not bad
and Shananeh who eat salad during lunch and successfully
manage to make the salad look yummy in her blog

So I made salad that I bought from cold storage
complete with balsamic vinegar dressing
and add in green apple, tomato and owhhh strawberry
(courtesy from my lady boss again...Eriko you're the best!)

and wallaa...

Consider this as my dinner,
Now i feel a lot better!

(tapi karang nak keluar sama surfacing...
mampukah aku menolak nasi lemak tetek malis itu?ngeeeee)

Kris Dayanti - Mencintaimu


shana said...

sedapnye. strawberry tu merah mcm manis je. nak try lah gk nanti tapi strawberry mahal gk.


pizza tu lagi nampak dan rasa sedap. hahaha

pet said...

The trick is to put fruits in salad...baru la aku lalu nak makan...hahaha...gotta stay healthy babe