Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If You Want Blood (You Got It)

Dexter is my favourite TV series of all.
Blood spatter analyst by day and serial killer at night.
That character used to be in my imagination when i was little.

New season of DEXTER premiere on 26th September 2010
at Showtime...
We'll get to download the series a week after that
Oh dear...
I can't wait!

Especially after knowing Julia Stiles will join the cast in season 5
as mysterious woman in Dexter life after the death of Rita
Will they be romantically involved?

As much as i love Julie Benz as Rita
I can't wait to see Julia Stiles character
By the way Julie Benz is freaking hot in Desperate Housewives
I feel so gay watching her

What i can say from season 1 - season 4
Dexter never fails to surprise me
with brilliant storyline
strong character
and shocking ending in each season

I wonder what season 5 will be with Rita's death
Lots of questions in my mind

Is it true Trinity killed Rita?
(I believe he's the one who did it but how?)
Will Miami Metro accusing him of killing Rita?
What about Trinity's remaining family members?
Who will take care the kids?
Will Rita become like Henry as Dexter's conscious?

Will Deb find something shocking about Dexter
while solving the case?
Is Quinn the new Doakes?
Who is Julia Stiles in the new season?

Whatever it is don't make season 5 the last season of Dexter.
I am still recovering from Scrubs season finale.
After watching the 1st trailer of season 5
It is safe to say that I am impatiently waiting for Dexter.
Aduii lama lagi niii....

sambil tunggu sambil beli action figure...
How bout that My Surfacing?

Dexter - Season 5 Trailer (Comic Con)

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