Friday, July 02, 2010


#2 Paul Gray (1972-2010)

I was shocked.
As soon as I heard #2 passed away.
Gray had died of accidental drug overdose.
He was 38 years old.

Deep inside I hope that
Slipknot will not die along with Paul Gray.
#8 (Corey),
once said in an interview that there will be no slipknot
if one of them gone.
I just hope they will make one more album
to celebrate the life of Paul Gray.
Most of the maggots request them
to make a tribute album anyway.

A few days after the tragedy,
I bought
Slipknot Definitive 10th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set
The most expensive collectible item I ever had
(U still top me with that ridiculously real joker figure, Surfacing..ngeee)

Slipknot 10 Years of Life Death Love Hate Pain Scars
Victory War Blood and Destruction

This box set Featuring CD/DVD, an Exclusive T-shirt,
Patch, Beanie, Stencil, Collectors' Cards,
1 out of 9 Collectible Keychains (I got Joey Jordison...yeayy!)

Track Listing for Digipack

1. 742617000027
2. (sic)
3. Eyeless
4. Wait and Bleed
5. Surfacing
6. Spit It Out
7. Tattered & Torn
8. Purity*
9. Liberate
10. Prosthetics
11. No Life
12. Diluted
13. Only One
14. Scissors
15. Eeyore
16. Me Inside
17. Get This*
18. Spit It Out (Hyper Version)*
19. Spit It Out (Stamp You Out Mix)*
20. (sic) (Molt-Injected Mix)*
21. Wait and Bleed (Terry Date Mix)*
22. Wait and Bleed (demo)*
23. Snap (demo)*
24. Interloper (demo)*
25. Despise (demo)*

*Bonus Tracks

Bonus DVD:

-of the (sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams
A short film by M. Shawn Crahan
giving a peek into the surreal and complex time
around the release of Slipknot's debut album.
Plus director's commentary by M. Shawn Crahan.

-Never-before-seen concert footage

-Plus music videos: Spit It Out Wait and Bleed Wait and Bleed
(animated version)

Paul Gray,
You will be greatly missed.
Slipknot will not be the same without you.

Slipknot - Paul Gray 1972- 2010

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