Friday, February 08, 2013

Picture Perfect

my youtube account: sicnessurfacing09

I have a youtube account since year 2009
But I never uploaded anything
Until now.

I decided to upload some videos of Hamza from his birth at NICU
Those moments of Hamza learning new things really meant a lot to me
I have more than 70 videos captured from blackberry
so the quality is not that great but hey at least I can watch it over and over again

Now that I have it on Youtube my husband and family can watch it too
Kalau tak sebelum ni aku simpan sorang-sorang je dalam handphone
I will keep updating if I have new video

Anywho longggg holiday weehooo
Happy chinese new year bestnya mengulit anak 4 hari ni
Rindu si bobopp

My Hamza so excited telling me about his day at mummy lidya's house


cha said...

ya Allah adorablenya i tgk video ni Hamza gelak gelak sengih mcm happy sgt je ckp dgn u :')

pet said...

hehee thanks cha...
skang Hamza suka protest dengan menjerit siap bunyi "haiiyahh" sambil menendang umminya...ngeeee

Fara Atiqah said...

double chin itu...
btw babe, aku da tukar link blog. feel free to drop by..