Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Step Beyond

I'm not the kind of people who splurge every month for clothes or shoes
Except for band t-shirt if it's rare and interesting
Not even more than 50ringgit usually

My average spending monthly will mostly evolves around things that i need
like basic toiletries ...will not cost more than 50 ringgit also
But i do spend a lot on food, fuel and movie tickets
For me it's enough to reward myself after working my butt off

I will think twice whenever a shirt cost me 49.90 or pants more than 50ringgit
Basically, i will only buy if it's below 50...
average 20-40ringgit per item is the maximum i'm willing to spend
Last year, I only bought 3 jeans
and each cost me not more than 80 ringgit

Well..where do we go from this?
Basically what i wanna say is...
I'm not a big spender

So when the winning money was deposit to my account
I decided to spend some to belanja my family makan
and the rest is for my wedding saving.

Surfacing said
"go get something...
Just to remind you that this is from the contest money"

Of course I refused to do that...
because it's not what I NEED at the moment

Until I saw this bloody shoe...

It's discounted...
Super comfy 3 and half inch high heels leather boots
Mary Jane strap with buckle and print lining
Environmental friendly and so they say
My first timberland boots lasted until now (it's 7 years now)
I don't wear high heels
But this is different..ngeee

I could not take my eyes off of it.
Talking about perfect timing to reward myself :)

Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime

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