Thursday, February 24, 2011


Deftones "Diamond Eyes Tour" live in Malaysia.

KL Live Centre

I've been waiting for 12 years since 1999
I bought their first album "Adrenaline" at Kedai Auntie, Campbell Complex
Kaset fotostat ok.

Since then i'm a big fan of Deftones.
My personal favorites from the first album are
"Root", "Birthmark", "Bored" and "7 words".

I bought the tix the second day they sold it
(Thank you My Surfacing susah payah pergi rock corner)
It's the free standing tix - cost RM98 per person.

Really want to buy the rock zone area
but since Surfacing just spend his money for Iron Maiden tix
(which he successfully manipulated me to sell my Iron Maiden tix but that's another story)

So we just settle down with that.

I took 1 day leave and prepared for the big day...ngee
Arrived at the venue and it's already crowded with the fans
Finally made it to the concert hall around 8.15pm something


I'm freaking happy when i saw the RM98 tix not that far from the stage
The only thing that divided us from the Rock Zone area was the barricade
Totally worth it!

A day before the event I checked out Deftones concert setlist at Jakarta
Really really excited when they played all the important songs
and of course more tracks from their new album "Diamond Eyes"
I just can't wait when i read "Birthmark" is the first song!
The most perfect song to start the night

Opening band was Love Me Butch.
Love me butch first album somewhat a reflection of Deftones music.

Around 9.30, Deftones started the show.
and it.was.
Can't believe these guys been around for 15 years
and the energy... the live performance is just damn crazy.
Gotta give credit to the venue too cause the sound was really good.

Chino was so aggressive.
One song to another with subtle, minimal break in between
It's so surreal...

and yes, they played all the favorite tracks.
I try to keep my cool but goodness...
I just can't!

I recorded some of the performance but the captured sounds really bad
Luckily my surfacing took lots of pics
(Almost all of the pic taken by him)

Setlist almost the same with Jakarta:

1. Birthmark

2.Engine No. 9

3.Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

4.My Own Summer (Shove It)

5. Lhabia

6.Around the Fur

7.Digital Bath

8.Knife Party



11.Bloody Cape

12.Diamond Eyes



15. Sextape

16.Rocket Skates

17.You've Seen The Butcher

18.Beauty School

19. Hole in the Earth

20. Kimdracula

21.Change (In the House of Flies)


23.Back To School (Mini Maggit)


24.No Ordinary Love (Sade cover)


26.7 Words

Yes, they play "Root" during the Encore followed by 7 words.
Imagine how wild the crowd became when they ended the concert
with these 2 tracks.

I managed to record the first 54 seconds and I lost myself too.

Well not really a "video", but you get the drift, right.

Me and Surfacing really enjoyed the concert.
Totally freaking worth it!
Please come again Deftones.

Message to Fat Boys/ Tune Talk:
Bring Slipknot.

Deftones - Diamond Eyes


Zana Fauzi said...

You even wore their shirt! <3

pet said...

Yes mem!Baju lama yg jarang pakai sbb dah membesar ni kan...tapi demi deftones, sarungkan aje :)