Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fly Away From Here

My favourite boys

My surfacing received a very good news from his workplace.
Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything fall into places.
According to our plan.
Now I can start doing some checklist for the baby stuff
We haven't buy anything yet, not even a baby romper

Later that evening we received a not so good news from our landlord
They want us to move out in 2 months...

At first I was freaking mad.
The good news seems to fade away with the thought of moving out...
in 2 months?
I'm gonna be 6 months pregnant by then
Ramadhan and Raya coming up
There are so many things to pack up, uninstall, dismantle
Changing address again
More money to spend...
Deposit to rent new the house..moving services..blablabla
It's gonna be so tiring...thinking of it already make me exhausted
We just move in here for 5 months darn it!

After some thinking, I'd say...
Allah knows best.
Allah always knows what the best for us.
Thinking about it make me feel so humble
There I was already planning how to spend the cash and everything
But Allah reminded us to be modest, to be wise and careful

I, now believe wherever we go after this
The new house will be more comfortable, safe and suitable for us to build a family.
We are welcoming our child soon and it could be for the best of his/ her interest.

Now I'm looking for a landed house.
I pray everything will be alright.
May Allah SWT increase our faith and make our path easy for us.

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