Monday, November 16, 2009

Wishing Well

neesa dozing after dinner

We went to Nong & Jimmy again
for another bbq thai seafood experience
This time it's a farewell dinner for Neesa
My bestfriend is going to Uitm Sg Petani
Shananeh & me decided to give it a try to new menu

Like this heavenly Nasi Goreng with prawn..
i think it's around rm5 perplate

harusla order starter kerang bakar yang enak tu...
besar-besar kerang die...

and the not so bad bbq squid
we ordered for 2 and serious tak habis
so make sure u really like squid before ordering one
around rm20 for 2

and nicely done kerabu mangga...
but there's something off about it i don't know why
maybe there's too many lauk

the never dissapoint me ikan siakap stim
pergh memang meleleh...
air liur la...

and jengjengjeng
crab with bkackpepper sauce...
i think around rm40 perkg
the sauce is really nice...and spicy too!
sini takde chilli crab ye
bbq & curry crab je

total bill around rm120 la...
a really nice seafood dinner
and totally for those who dig seafood ye

have u guys notice that Neesa had a very nice haircut?
but she hated it...

oh babe, when can we eat like crazy with u again?

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zulkarnainazhar said...

laparrrrrrrr.....all trhe best to Neesa..;-)

.antu. said...

wehh akak ipar! kenapa neesa gi sg petani? dan kenapa tak ajak aku mkn skali? kenapaaaaaa?!! ko benci bakal adik ipar ko ni ke?! hahaha