Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Bid Farewell

Neesa Ameera, my greatest friend

Last week we had a farewell dinner with Neesa
a day before she leave to Sg Petani
she has a huge commitment
as an art & design lecturer at Uitm
and she's gonna teach final year student
clap clap Neesa Misae...
silalah berikan sepenuh ilmu
kepada pelajar2 melayu kita
yang suke malas-malas tu

kopi "mai secawan' krb...secawan je dah cukup

Neesa happy makan longan

Eni dok sms...katun?hahahahahah

Memule pegi makan kat KRB Waterfront ampang
Melantak lamb chop, fries, chicken wing & stuff
Thank you Eni for the treat
There's always next time...ngeee

Then we went to Neesa's secret place
(she has a tons of secret eating place recently..
i wonder why..hehehehehehe)

The restaurant "Delicious" is deliciously cozy, pretty & warm
Adorarable design
Comfy sofas
Nice hot chocolate
easy listening music (piano, double bass & cute singer)
affordable price
and yes, thank u neesa for the treat
again...there's always next time :)

happy faces of us

We had loads of fun
just chatting
took tons of pictures
sampai lupe lak esok pagi kene keje
sampai ade orang tu dah baring-baringlah
die buat macam umah sendiri je...hahahah

So Babe,
I wish you all the best at Kedah
You are truly an adult now
Paying house rent...
electricity, water, gas, astro bills
even cook on ur own
How i wish we can do that together
just like the good old days at Cyberia
(tong sampah berulat is the bad old days ye)

if you ever need me...
anytime, anywhere, anyhow
you know who to call
I'm right on my way babe.
Take good care of yourself...
Can't wait to see you again next week!
(kalau ko tak datang shana merajuk...ngeee)

Layla & Shanah

Radiohead- No surprises

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