Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Satisfy Me Babe

I suddenly crave for beef pepperoni pizza
but i want IZZI PIZZA
i can still remember the heavenly large extra cheese
with mushroom or beef pepperoni topping
or extra cheese carbonara
and cheese cake for dessert
affordable price
cozy environment

it was our favourite place to eat at jusco au
but i don't know what really happened to the restaurant
it just closed due to unprecedented event
bankruptcy? rebranding? hygiene?

tapi takpelah
nasib baik ada dominos & yellow cab

hello, dominos?
1 large beef pepperoni pizza with new york crust please, thank you.

Led zeppelin - Kashmir

1 comment:

opium said...

wah lapar nye aku tgk makanan² cheesy sbegini. nak try lah yellow cab hehe.