Friday, May 09, 2008

Neesa...You are 25!

The birthday girl

This entry suppose to be posted like 3 weeks ago.
but I’m so busy with production job.
So neesa, WE ARE NOW EVEN okay!
I’m 25 and so do you!

4 days before her birthday…
she went to Philippines which buat haku risau jugak
takut x dpt sambut birthday die on the day.
Thank god die balik on Saturday.

So on Sunday 13th april, me and shana,
muiz asked her out, u know just for a simple celebration.
Our plan is to melantak nak gile kat chicken hartz
(supposenye waktu besday aku dulu).
I picked her up, seblom tuh aku sempat kenekan die.
Dah suh die siap2, pastu aku ckp tak jadi.
member suare dah benganggg je.hehehe..
no lah my dear...
Takkan aku nak wat camtu kat engko. heheheh

So we dine at chicken hartz, Berjaya times square..
tp makanan die cam sejuk pulak..
And chicken wings takde.
tapi ape masalahnye kan, hadapkan sajee.

masing-masing kaver perot

Shana siap da beli kek sume...
but we are so full to eat the cake.
So we decided to go to sumwhere else.
ingat memule nak lepak umah si misae ni je.
Tapi tetibe rase nak gi oldtown café plak.
Shana bli strawberry cake & fibre cheese ..
aku tak sangka yang cheese fibre tuh sedap gileee!
aku igt rase ala2 oat aje.

ko sorang je masih budak kecik naneh

Aku jadi over kalau tgk kek

Hadiah untuk ko nanti la yeh sa.
Aku pon tatau nak kasik ape skang ni.
And THANK YOU shana for the lovely water container
from christopher moon...
whoever the hell he is..
but the quote at the bottle is very inspiring …
quote unquote :

“Logic and reason can take you from point A and Point B, but imagination can take you anywhere!”

blow your horn bebeh!eh corny plak kan

Yes imagination can take you anywhere…
I can’t even imagine my life will be without you guys.
You all are phenomenal...
the greatest gift in my life.

makan bersuap, neesa kene praktis ;)

Malam tu lepak-lepak ajela berejam kat oldtown.
Tapi birthday girl bley macam penat sgt plak.
maybe penat travel tak abes lagi.
Mata hang cam kene alergik kucing ok.
Tapi bergamba tetap mahu yang tak tahan tuh.

25 years… sorry shana ko tak layak lagi.ngeheheh

So after this... si naneh punye birthday..
lambat lagi bulan 10... get ready yer naneh..
samada nak do the ritual or…
do something else!
Whatever it is... we had loaddss of fun!

necklace 4rm dat special someone..ehem ehem

For Neesa bebeh…
I hope you have a wonderful year..
With so many great things ahead.
I know, in everything you do...
you’ll do it the right way,
With better judgement and wiser decision.
You are the greatest friend I ever had
(and you too shananeh).
You always there when I need you… good or bad
You always at my side no matter what...
even sumtimes teruk gak aku kene brainwash same die :)
I hope that I can be all that you can be, dearest.
Happy 25th birthday!

sayang kamu berdua


shana said...

thanks for keeping all those sweet bitter memories we had. i'm surely i will definitely read this in 20-30 yrs time frm now and be smiling come to think of it. and i just hope we are still friends even da tua bangka okay. love you both sgt sgt sgt.

pet said...

of kosslaaa shananeh! we all will be frens till the end ok.