Friday, April 11, 2008


I listened to one of the the beatles’ song, In my life.
And the lyrics do make me wonder.
When I’m 64…will I laugh or cry when I look at the pictures
of my younger days?

Even now, looking back…
tak payah tunggu 20, 30 years
It’s all so much different.
Looking at old pictures really bring back those memories
Good or bad. Just like what john lennon said...

Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain


En abdul ghani & Sharifah Fatimah dikurniakan 5 org anak..
4 perempuan, sorang lelaki last yang sgt spoil.
anak ketiganye lah owner blog ni.
I am bless to have such wonderful parents.
They really take good care of me.
and trust me to do whatever i want.
I never have problem like my fren does mcm susah nak keluar,
tak bleh ade bf atau ape2 sahaja.
they give me total freedom.
But i know there's a limit to that.
umi & ayah, i will always try my best to make you happy.

1983..lihat si comel itu..heheh..and now u know why i like 70's so much. ko tgk jela bell bottom bapak aku tuh.

2006... They are my EVERYTHING.


7 years ago..
the time I met my dear surfacing.
It’s all messy.all over the place.
Dahla mase tuh aku baru potong rambut macam pengkid.
Mase tu gakla die menjelma mcm angel gitu.
He’s kinda made me who I am today.
He was there when I change to something better.
To my are my surfacing always ;)
Tengok gamba2 lama kitorang ape yang paling ketara
Ialah perubahan fizikal badan..
lebih tepat..penambahbadakan
my dear, jgn sedeh tgk gamba2 lame yeh..
nanti kite skipping and hulahuk ala beyoncee.

2003-zaman kurus dan mude remaje

2003- zaman naik bas intrakota..gile bas tuh pon dah tak wujud di muke bumi ni

2004- tower record kl plaza.skang dah takde pon.

2005-bas intrakota la ni, nak gi OU jugak..tambang 1.60 sen

2007- berjalan-jalan dgn bes selepas ade MR V

(seriously guys! What’s our new gang name?)

Mase skola, there’s circle of frens which are still my bestfren till today.
Tgk gamba dulu n skang..
nak gelak pon ade... nak marah pon ade.
Ingat lagi time rehat 20 minit je,
so berdiri tepi kantin sambil makan kuih cakoi letak sambal nasik lemak.
Pastu kalau stayback ptg,
mesti pegi umah inaz pasal gerai nasik tgh hari
Depan umah die memang superb sgt!
Ape2 pon fara ko jgn belasah aku pasal letak gamba lame ni eh…
Takpe pasal ko skang super hot gitu.
And fara aku officially TAG ko for this!

2001.. adekah penangan cakoi yang buat kite jadi begini?ngee...

2004...fara u know ur a hottie now bebeh!

2007…aku pulak gain weight yang melampau.kenape ko maintain fara?tak puas ati neh


zaman mmu ni antara period yang paling bes gile…
First class at MMU, The lecturer taught us how to use Yahoo Messenger.
How cool was that?
i mean that’s the best communication tools ever for students enway.
Time tuh gakla tgh hot MIRC…
chatting ntah ngan sesape la kan.
Shananeh ko igt tak aktiviti sewa basikal kite?
Konon2 nak main hari2 la kan..
Last2 dalam 4 tahun aku kat mmu tuh ade la 3 kali kot kite pegi kan.
3 years at MMU memang fun & crazee sgt.
I WISH I COULD GO BACK to those days for once...

2001…Alpha dinner nite.ntah pape la aku pakai time tu.
Tensen mengenangkannya.

2002…beta year.The best year in mmu.we were called Gangster & gang tape itam by lecturers.

2003…gamma year.look at those braces! Gile ko neesa..It’s so green goblin.

2006…we are besties that still hangout and being there for each other.

2008…work it out girl! Damn, I watch too much of Tyra banks.

(takde gang name lak)

It all started at a4 communications..3 years ago
working at small medium ad company..
Its very hectic and kinda stressful..
thank god I had a very nice, kepala gile punye colleague.
And there’s no doubt about it.
even though we’re not at the same workplace anymore(except yaya & edex la)…
we are still as close as ever and never fail to be there for each other.
They are the people that I go mamak with and kutuk bout that special someone…hehehehe.
(come on, why can’t she be a better person for once)
Weh korang ape gang name kite..pikir satu laa.!
err it’s too childish for that I guess..ngee
(name kodam boleh puan yaya?)

2006…shooting at ancasa..yaya masih dara..

2007..yaya & edex wedding…yaya hampir ilang dara..

2007…organizing this event..yaya..dara..err..dah preggo laa

2008…last Saturday..mamak awal maju kesukaan kami.Yaya..ha dah ade si kodam.
ko bleh restore dara nanti kot.ahahaha

All this places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life, I've loved them all

- the beatles


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

shana =) said...

touching. compact in 1 story ... slamat jubli perak pet :) and yeah bestnya zmn mmu. thx god i hv u n others to be my best fren, guiding me even tetinggal setaun haha. degil tknk ikut korg major sama. rinduuuu~

Neesa said...

Pet ! the best entry ever.U know how much i love reading blogssss...but this particular entry touches my heart so deep and makes me realize how wonderful my life with you around.

I am so much grateful having you and others in my life.Thanks for being around!

.:fara:. said...

aww...aku pon rindu zaman itu..yerp, aku akan buat entry ni..but its gonna take some time, im not mad about the pic (but malu sket la...) anyhow, tht was then..skang sume dah lain..all grown up and chantek :D glad that we've become friends!! *hugs*

inaz said...

heee...buruknye gambo den ahh...ko ni sweet gak kwn ngan ko mmg best.u r 1 of my bestest fren ever!!heheh frens always dear....lurve u...xoxo

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

yaya said...

oit, makcik! gambar haku tengah selekeh perut beso buat event ko letak. this is the first entry ko yg aku enjoy bace. b4 dis sume gambar hantu2 yg ko letak, eiiii.. takot....ape yg ko tulis tu pun tak faham (with scarry face hantu pic). Buat entry best2 mcm ni lain kali k.

not that mawi said...

pergh...jambu ler ms kat mmu...