Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Day Out

the sicness

her surfacing

Our big day out.
the FIRST big day out after 5 months away.
the FIRST time i feel so secure, comfy, happy, relax...
sume adelah!
went to see ironman for 2ND time at imax.
got our best seat...
and yes we've waited till the ending credit
to see the extra scene..
and it's all worth it!
sape2 tak tgk extra scene...
sile carik kat youtube ye.
went to our favourite action figure's shop,
his favourite dvd's stop,
dinner at tgi friday.
read film & music books at borders.
just like the good old days.
i really miss this.
and i really need this.
for i know that...
there's nowhere else i should be.
there's nobody else but he.


yaya said...

kurus dah si zul ko tu ha, ko ape lagi, mulakanlah misi.....

along said...

terindah =)

ape lagi.
green light bapak dia da bagi kan..~~

3 tahun x lama.
sangat x lama.


.:fara:. said...

finally ek?
so suweett...

Zana said...

Suka betul dia ikat tudung.