Friday, January 29, 2016

The First Three Years

For the day, you were born
I was cut open
For the hideous scar
The bloated belly
The swollen and aching joints
The long and sleepless night
For the first time, I’ve seen your face
With the wires and tubes
For being so tiny and helpless
For the first time, you opened your eyes
I fell in love
For the lovely smile
The infectious laugh
The smiling eyes
You have grown so much
The tiny hands wrapped around my neck
For the endless kiss
The small hugs
The screaming and crying
The messy lunch
For the secret code
The special bond
I can see the love from your beautiful eyes
You are the greatest gift from the Almighty
My little Angel from Heaven
You are my son, my love, and my joy
I love you forever and far beyond eternity.

P/S: Yes, we are expecting :)


Hana Soffelia said...

Syahdunya pet your poem.

Very wonderful journey kan pet walaupun ada kisah suka duka, dah takde me time whatever, janji tgk anak membesar depan mata tu pun dah ckup bahagia.

Hope u will get another baby soon. AMIN.

pet9 said...

hana: malas update blog sekali update bagi video terus laa. hahahaha. InsyaAllah doakan yang kedua ni sihat sempurna lahir ke dunia