Monday, July 21, 2014



GAZA Death Toll Jumps over 400 precious souls were taken by the zionists
more than 2000 victims wounded
probably half of them will be dead
Mass genocide on the Palestinian
protested by a few
supported by many
Everything destroyed

Kita dah kembali ke zaman Jahiliyah
Berotak tapi tak berakal
Manusia tapi syaitan
manusia membunuh manusia seperti membunuh semut
cheering on other's suffering
Whatever happens right now is totally inhumane

Then, our own MH17 shot down  in Ukraine
again - by Human
Human killing 298 human
80 small children and 3 infants killed in the tragedy
and they called it some collateral damages?

some bodies found in the sunflower fields


May Allah SWT have mercy to all of us
May Allah SWT grant peace to the souls of the lives lost and patient to their families
May Allah SWT keep us all safe.

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