Monday, March 19, 2012

Dark Waters

08.03.12 | 2.00am

It's been raining since 4pm, non stop, consistently heavy
11pm and still raining
I told myself to call my mom, just to be alert
but I fell asleep

08.03.12 | 6.00am

Received SMS from my sister around 3am
For the third time in 29 years
The last flood was 3 years ago
and happened in the month of March too

08.03.12 | 11.00am

My brother uploaded some picture
It's up to the waist
and it happened too fast they unable to move stuff

08.03.12 | 3.00pm

Me and Surfacing decided to take a day off and helped out
It was a total mess
Everything fell apart
Thick mud
We have to throw almost all furniture
some electrical item
I can safely say it's about 20k loss
My brother's brand new kawasaki ninja alone need about 7k repairing cost

08.03.12 | 9.10pm

Whatever it is I'm still grateful
Everyone's safe
We still have our house
Still have our clothes and TV and fridge
Most important, it happened after the wedding
Both me and my sister wedding
Thank you Allah SWT.

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