Friday, March 23, 2012



I am 29 years old.
Can't believe I'm at the end of my twenties
I may not achieve much for the past 10 years
But I never feel better than this.
My friend, Fara described it perfectly on fb
a very sweet wish from her

It is indeed the best gift ever.
I am a wife to a person I love so dearly for 10 years
and a mother-to-be, InsyaAllah.
Three months and more :)

I got my first wish from my husband at 12 midnight
and other wishes from family and friends
from sms, fb and twitter
I feel so blessed

My lady boss treat me a nice lunch at Penang Village
Me and Surfacing planned to go out for dinner but I vomitted on the evening
So we just ordered dominos pizza
He said it before, don't expect anything for birthday
but he surprised me with a nicely wrapped present

It's a rare edition of Lynyrd Skynyd Biography
Thank you so much my dear Surfacing.
Now I have to find rare item for your birthday this coming June ;)

I'm sharing birthday date with my younger brother
and my sister's birthday on the 29th
So my mom will throw a small makan-makan for us next week
I'm so missing my family
Can't wait to see them this week.

Praise to Allah SWT.
For giving me another day to breathe, to love and to live with my husband,
parents, family and friends.

Pearl Jam - Alive

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