Friday, December 31, 2010

Times Like These

It's the last day of 2010
and here I am making list of beautiful events around me
throughtout the year
Err not really from January
the thing that I never get to write in a proper entry
but I will , one at a time...ngee
So, here we go...

Haida & Li wedding June 2010
I never wear that color my whole life...
but for her wedding, anything boleh:)
She's now pregnant and resides at Jeddah
Haida taknak belanja aku gi sana ke?

Eni & amir wedding June 2010
Can't believe it when she told me she's gonna get married in 3 months
What a preparation.
I love that she's gaining weight after married from 39kg to 42kg
Makcik, if you want more meat,
I am more than happy to donate to you.
Take it...Take it all.

Book shopping...
Oh my fortress of Solitude
Never dissapoint me with good stuff such as this
and more.
Can't wait to visit them on sunday!

that's my outfit to Slash & Myles Kennedy concert at Sunway.
I look so makcik, don't I?
Surfacing called me at 5.00pm excitedly said
'wey aku ada tiket Slash rm100 je ni... jommmm"

I had an exhibition at 1 Utama and supposed to work until 10.00pm
Immediately called my wonderful lady boss
asked her approval to cabut early.
Yes, that's my work outfit.
and i'm in love with Myles Kennedy.
Damn you Mr Kennedy with your voice and sexy hand of yours playing guitar

Lisha & Maisa Wedding
They look like runway models
so beautiful and perfect for each other
Love the big wedding hall and deco
I get to meet with my MMU friends
and Zana Superbunneh again.
Oh dear, she's really adorable.
Yes Zana, I like you and your writing, like, a lot.
Keep up the good stuff :)

Surfacing and I love good food.
More food review n recipe in 2011 i promise you.
I have gazillion updates on foodies
I gain 4kg this year.
Enough said.

Hiking at mount Kinabalu October, 25th 2010
Even though I didn't make it to the Summit
or Laban Rata
Not Even Layang-Layang which is what we originally plan to go
But I'm really proud of myself even just made it 2km from Timpohon Gate
My first time hiking.
I didn't use the hiking stick.
That's an achievement, at least for me.
and the song 'Tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu"
stayed in my head for a week.

Endkill first gig!
I'm so excited for Surfacing.
More gigs to come my dear.
Can't wait for MYMC Fest this coming January.

Shananeh surprise birthday celebration.
Tataula dia surprise ke tidak.hehehe.
But I hope you love it babe.
Even though Neesa was not around, we still go fo it.
Well, it's her last single year anyway

Umi & Ayah 37th Anniversary
We had kenduri and invited all my good friends
Little that they knew it was a pre-kenduri for my engagement also
I'm so good at keeping secret and some of them still mad at me
I'm really sorry dear friends.
Not in million years I want to hurt your feelings.
My bad.

My engagement with Surfacing on AidilAdha
9 years and more to come :)

Nard & Achol Wedding
When they first announced at FB, I was literally shocked.
Bila pulak dorang ni couple.
They're that damn good at keeping it low.
Whatever it is you guys are great together
and nard 7 weeks pregnant now.
Sharpshooter ko ye achol.

Penang trip girls only with Neesa, Shananeh and Eni.
Great time with my besties.
Especially when Shana is getting married in less than a month during the trip.
Love you guys!

"Shana & Muiz is getting married" small celebration.
Me & Neesa arranged this 2 weeks before their big day.
The grey n yellow is their wedding color.
Simple but a really fun day for all of us.
I hope you both love it.

My sister's PETA Bharata Natyam Performance
(Final year project for degree undergraduate)
It's 2 an half hours performances
and she's sooo good at it.
Oh dear i wish i can dance like her.
My feet hurts watching her moves, seriously.
Whatever it is,
standing ovation for you sister.
You really are, beautiful.

Fara & Taufik Wedding.
Another bestfriend of mine are married.
Thank you babe for trusting me as your bridesmaid.
First time jadi pengapit ni wey!
I had to wear purple, but for you anytime lah babe ;)
I really had fun with the bride and "zombie purple'
at the outdoor shooting
shooting adalah untuk pengantin tapi kami yang berlebih-lebihan...

Post party for newlywed Fara & taufik a day after the reception
Plus haida & hubby is moving to Jeddah
They booked a room at Green box, unlimited from 6pm-2am
with buffet dinner.

I am really not into karaoke and this is my 2nd time
(the 1st time pun during haida prewedding party)
But I am fond towards the buffet dinner.
After my 3rd plate, I started my first song - begitu indah by padi

they have to bear with my ridiculous annoying voice until 1.00am.

Shana & Muiz wedding
They look so young I feel like the big sister all the time.
Can't believe now it's only me and neesa left.
Shananeh, you look so beautiful that day.
The dress, deco, the food, the music.
Everything so perfect.
so content.
Muiz bagi kita lepak-lepak lagi pasni kan?hehehehe
Can't wait to hang out with you, babe!
bagi ko pegi honeymoon dulu...

The company christmas lunch
Just like last year we had secret santa where we have to exchange gifts
and makan-makan.
But this year we had it at the office and my lady boss
brought turkey!
Goodness, This is my first time eating this animal.
Everyone has to bring one dish.
I brought mac n cheese.
There's mashed potato, coleslaw, bihun goreng, nugget, keropok,
fries and cupcakes.
Great food, indeed.
And this year i got a wallet!

There's too many good things happened this year
Except for one.

Not really achievement but I had a good year
New car to replace my problematic Savvy...
Finally has a decent hp that can last for another 5 years
(my poor Sony L6 out of service after 4 years)

I love Sushi now
and I can eat raw tomato every morning just like apple
I can eat salad and the green stuff (this is an achievement!)
Managed to throw some bad habits and behaviour
Avoid unnecessary situation

Whatever it is,
my arms are open wide for 2011
Loads of exciting events coming up
Deftones concert at KL on February, 14th
This, I can't wait!

My big day with Surfacing at the end of 2011, Insya'Allah.
A decade is worth waiting for.
Especially for someone you love so dearly.

For this I want to share a quote from my favourite serial killer, Dexter:

"Sometimes partners find us...
and as much as we try to push them away,
they work their way into our lives, regardless
- until we finally realize how much we need them. "

Goodbye 2010.
Hello 2011.

Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, tonight

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