Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skin My Bones

1st Encounter
We were looking for a place to eat for dinner around Wangsa Maju area
Then I remember there's one nice looking restaurant - Cosy Place
Surfacing tak pernah makan situ
So i said what the heck let's give their western food a try
I've been to this place before but only tried their malay food and drinks
and the malay food is not bad at all

Muka lapar

So they have this new promo
RM28 only for juicy BBQ ribs (Usual price 49.90)
Surfacing ordered the bbq ribs and I had Lamb shoulder (RM19)

When the food came we were like...
Big Portion!

Look at the heavenly BBQ Ribs

My rm19 Lamb Shoulder

And bila makan...
Memang heavenly
The BBQ and mushroom sauce just right
The rib so tender and juicy

sekali rasa macam Tony Roma's pulak
Cuma kelebihan Roma's dia ada 4 sauces and side dish lagi best
But what the heck kan 28 Ringgit je nii
The ribs even taste better than Las Carretas

We also ordered the wild mushroom soup with garlic bread(rm6.00++)
Seriously delicious!

Raksasa kelaparan menghabiskan tanpa segan silu...licin.

2nd Encounter
Because the Ribs were so good
We went there for second time the same week
I rephrase -
We had this bloody Ribs TWICE in a week

Lapar menunggu sehingga menjadi bingung

dia pun sama

We ordered some other stuff too
Like baked spinach cheese bread or Keish
RM10.90 - 4 pieces
My God it's really cheesy and tasty!

Keish - baked cheesy spinach

So this time we ordered 2 ribs
I said to surfacing the portion probably smaller than last time
Because we had the same menu
I was wrong

It's Humongous.
We're so happy!
So we had Sorbet for dessert (rm8.90)
oklaa ingatkan sedap sangat la kan Sorbet ni
Macam nata de coco + ice cream tapi lagi sedap sikit

Tadi ada, sekarang takde

I really recommend Cosy Place
untuk sesiapa yang teringin nak makan rib yang sedap but with cheaper price.
But the promo was last month
I dunno now still RM28 or already gone up.

The only downturn is the beverages
biasa je.
Juice pun cuma chill not fresh.
I hope they can work on this one.

They also have Malay food (sedap especially udang petai)
Pasta (Range RM15-30)
Steak (Range RM25-50)
Dessert - cakes (RM4-8)

Cosy Place Restaurant
No.27-29, Jalan Wangsa Delima 2A,
KL. Suburban Centre III,
Section 5, Wangsa Maju,
53300 KL

Actually we had the 3rd encounter after my engagement.
It's still damn good!

Surfacing, Jom makan rib?

Teddy Geiger - For you I will

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