Thursday, December 09, 2010


I got engaged on 17 nov, Aidil Adha 2010
It's exactly the way I want it to be
simple and very intimate ceremony with my close family and friends.

Thank you all for the wonderful wishes.
I'm really sorry for being so hush hush about it.
But it's my decision to keep it small.

Hope we can gather again end of next year for my wedding,
and this time I will invite each and everyone of you that matters in my life most
you know who you are

Unexpected awesome table deco by my Pakcik Man
He just venture into catering business and he just bought this
setup and use it for my ceremony. Lovely!

Getting ready. Make up by Madam Hana.
Really love my baju kurung cotton from camilla, sacc
Dokoh pinjam from yaya. Thank u mama!

Hand bouquet diy beli bunga kat pasar je.
very cheap veil from jalan TAR.

My bestest friend, shananeh and her fiance, Muiz
captured every moment, probono.
I could not asked for more.
Gazillion thank you to both of u!

My bestest friend, Neesa Misae.
She has to be around walaupun mengantuk :)


The people behind the majlis

The arrival of zul and his entourage

The discussion

The waiting

Sarung cincin

My diy dais buat a day before with Matno.
Very awkward moment..ngeee

My mothers :)

My lovely wonderful family

With my beautiful sister, bai

My relatives

Makan-makan time
Nasi minyak, kari kambing, kurma ayam, rendang daging,
acar rempah, kuih tepung pelita and triffle

My beautiful cousin, jasmine and nephew, isyraq

My awesome parents and pakcik man & cik idah

my sister's family, Ringo, Matno, Isyraq & Hayyman

The gift

Our family :)

With his family

Hayyman and Rayyan

My bestest friend,
thank you guys tak scold aku sebab beritahu lambat..ngeee

Fara lagi 2 minggu je lagi ni!

Thank you guys for being there all the time


One ring ruled them all


Sesuatu yang indah

Yearghhh baybehh!

The Beatles - Real Love


yaya said...

aku still terpaku melihat deco dr cik man, hhhmmm i feel so regret tak dpt join the ceremony, i blame the shooting on dat day props la bagai tension haku!

pet said...

itula yaya, i feel so lucky!
Tak sangka cik man nak setup macam tu.
spend so little and get so much ;)