Thursday, May 06, 2010


20 march 2010 12:00

Layla is twentyseven

I know it's 2 months ago
i'm just too lazy to brag about my age
but i must write about it because i had a blast that night
with my best friends
and on the day itself with my surfacing

Neesa told me she's not coming back for the weekend
Shana just acted like nothing happened
until they came to my house 2 hours before my birthday
with card and balloons and took me out for a dinner


I was really surprised
I never expected that they will do something like this again
considering the last year surprise was really amazing
and yes,
you guys made me me feel so freaking happy
Neesa you drive all the way from Sg petani
for my birthday... bought the lovely cake, took crazy pictures
and instax!
I'm so in love with the super cute instax..
muiz... thank you for being there all the time
melayan sekor-sekor nak bergamba...

oh dear friends...
you guys are the best of all
what would i do without you both?

Thank you my dear friends
for the nice dinner, the cake, the balloon,
the card, the instax
and the present of both of you in my life.

20 march 2010 20:00

For 9 years we've been celebrating birthday together
For 9 years he's been giving me birthday wishes
and sms at 12.00 midnight without fail
For 9 years he's been there for me on my birthday
near or far

my dear surfacing,
I want to celebrate my birthday
every year with you
until the end of time

and yes I love the birthday present
it's Led Zeppelin.
how can i, not love it.
and of course the extra-late gift...
Lamb of God t-shirt

agak-agak ada tak lagi extra late gift -
tiket ke deep purple pulak?

Goo Goo Dolls - Give a little bit

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Zana Fauzi said...

Rasa macam hari tu baru nampak post birthday, dah birthday lagi pulak kan. How time flies! Anyway, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Petsies! Wishing you all the love in the world!