Monday, May 31, 2010

A Certain Shade of Green

Mount Kinabalu

My recent visit to Sandakan and Ranau
opened my eyes to appreciate things that I care less...
Especially when I drove along sandakan-ranau-kundasang road
single lane, bumpy ride, sinking roadbed
landslides warning every 10min drive
from 5.30pm-10.00pm with Proton Persona
I thank God when i'm back at Kundasang the next day
the car is still in one piece
95% of motorist travel with 4x4

Now i feel like federal highway is chocolate
mrr2 is chocolate with pudding
and duke highway is chocolate+pudding+ice cream!

I, now officially,
am grateful with road system in KL...
even how super annoying it can be at certain times
say 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm daily
or the never ending stupidity- the cross lane at Pandan Indah
I am still grateful.

By the way I really enjoyed staying at Ranau...
Kinabalu Pine Resort is highly recommended
for a morning encounter with breathtakingly beautiful view
sipping coffee at the balcony
watching the clouds slowly filled
the summit of Mount Kinabalu

Unfortunately i woke up at 7.15
so i missed the morning mist
still freaking worth it.

I will go to Ranau in October for the landslides program
Will be staying at this resort again
and probably will go for a 1 day hike at Mount Kinabalu
I gotta start working out from now

but tonight, I need to go to pasar malam sri gombak
Monday is chicken wing's day.

Creed - with arms wide open

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