Friday, May 14, 2010


I was reading this article from Harian Metro yesterday
a student died in a rental car
all proof directed to suicide
he also left a note on who's to call if anyone find him
and to return the car back to the owner

Condolences to the family
No disrespect to them...
but i can help feeling sorry to the owner of the car
I mean come on...
someone just committed suicide in his car!

He must have been really happy when the person
paid the full rental for a month...
But it came with a price, bro.

Just imagine who wants to rent the car again?
Can he get rid of the awful smell of the rotting body?
you know some people say that the smell will never go away
and even without the smell,
will the owner drive the car again
when u know someone died on the driver's seat?

I just has this wild imagination on the owner's reaction like

"oh Dear God,
why oh why, of all the places ...
why in my 8 years old kancil?"

or something more bad-ass like

"Bloody hell john!
a fucking corpse in my car!

For all i know,
the owner may not received the news quite well.

I guess in the future, the rental car company/ person
should change the rental procedure a bit...
you know like requesting the client's health history
or at least make them to fill up some form
just to make sure they are psychically & mentally well

rental company:
"sir, could you fill up this section please..Please be honest
and put the rate accordingly"

1. Rate your level of happiness
(5: happiest 1: I'm so down I can kill myself now)

2. Have you ever think/ dream of committing suicide
(5: no, and I will not 1: Yes, absofuckinlutely)

3. Do you plan to kill yourself anytime soon?
(5: God NO! 1: Should have done it years ago)

what the hell is this???

rental company:
Precaution measures sir...
Precaution measures.
You shall have you car once our psychiatrist approve this.
Thank you.

Collective Soul - The World I Know


efa fairuz said...

omg! kalau aku pon mesti xtau nk wat ape ngan kete tu.. skeri siot nak drive..bukan memalam je, siang pon takut..


pet said...

to efa:
berhati -hati lah ketika menyewa kereta..look for burning signs or stains...hahahaha

cyzer8 said...

haha comel la ko pet.