Friday, September 05, 2008

Working in Action pt 2

its been a while...
Now that i have my mojo back...
let just continue "Working in Action" for dummies :

8.Breakfast is very important.
A 24 Hrs mamak corner is gud enough to have
teh tarik and roti telur bawang.
Dragonfruit is also recommended as mr Tan,
owner of dragonberry farm suggested it to me...
interesting advise though...
very careful selection of words...

“buah naga manyak bagut.bagi kulit u merah-merah.bagus untuk buang kolesterol “
(as looking at my monster zips)

ini kulit merah2 baik punye uncle..
hari2 tarok itu ubat farmasi..ngee

10. A great personnel is the core to success of a production team.
Looks like our team really bonded into special relationship.
After an hour meeting they immediately become BFF.
They even had nicknames .
Meet :

CARLOS (zul)

PABLO (mani)

PEDRO (syamer)

i don’t even get one!
I repeatedly suggesting ROSALINDA...
they just ignored me like i dun deserve the name...

Can you see the resemblance of Rosalinda?

11. Not just names, they even form a club!
Its called ZGA or ZulGayAssociation.
Carlos is the founder /CEO,
Pedro the consultant and Pablo the General Manager.
Now they are lobbying to transform ZGA to a Department
– The Department of Gays (DOG)
wif a sensational Motto – Back to back.
These are the promotional pictures for DOG branding:

DOG in the house!

Dogbeaches shot...

Ok Pablo… explicit PDA is not allowed in photoshoot...

Pablo..ur doin it again…

Great Pablo…get a rooomm!

12. In this team I am the only female/ flower/ heroin.
There are definitely pros and cons in this situation.


a)I suddenly become the centre of attraction.
When you are the only female available,
regardless of shape, form and skin texture
– You are cantik menarik tertarik ko memang the bomb!
Especially at port klang…
I thought most of the seafarers are gays?
(no offense to anyone yee)

the korean guy wanna make sure that his picture is in my camera..hehehheeh

b)Security : 4 bodyguards
- different background, skintone and age...
i could not asked for more...

All the G boys taking care of the lady

c)People thought that I am the host from Majalah Tiga.
Well its ok… I can take that as a compliment.ngeee.

Well, I should probably think more serious on my career change.hehehehehehe

d. I definitely get a hotel room to myself.
Well Guys, it’s not dat bad to share a queen & a single bed for 4…
After all you are the G boys...

How I wish u were here…merenyam lak haku kan.


a)I can’t peepee at the roadside like the other fellas.
perjalanan kat grik sememangnye menguji ketahanan pundi kencing ku

Guys…I don’t think this is an appropriate place to peepee…

b)Weird things did happened at the hotel room.
Sometimes when you are alone, ‘they’ think u need company.
lebam-lebam jugak aku kene...

air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada hantu air...

c)Sometimes the 4 security guys can turned up
bullying you…(I ain’t complaining guys..heheh)

muka merana abes kene pegang reflector kan...panas gilee woii

13. Parfum is not encouraged.
Even CK, Kenneth cole, dunhill ferragamo whatsoever.
Body mist is good enough...
You know that Perfume tend to produce new chemical when mix with sweat…
the undesirable scent-body odour...

guy: celake budak ni tak mandi ke...adess
(sambil senyum ala2 terpaksa)

14.The only network available
anywhere n everywhere is Celcom .
Although I’m a loyal DiGi User…
Where’s that bloody yellow pal goddamn it!

ello..zss zss..elo elo?zss zsss zsss..fakkk!
eh wlong finger maa!

to be continued...

eh selamat berpuasa ye!


Anonymous said...

haha. one hell of a writer.

oh korg kalau free bacala blog baru pet :

zana said...

Hidung you bulat macam hidung I jugak ropanya.

pet said...

pet to shana:
udah2 la..salah taip pon
kene kutuk..cess

pet to zana:
ha'ah..zul haku suke panggil hidung dopok...saba jelaaa..hahahahah

along said...

bleh wat geng hidung dopok?

trah la la~~~

Pink Marie said...

hahaha part tv3 tu pecah perut aku rupanye ada pic ko sial..

tp mmg setaraf ah wa tabik luu!!

pet said...

pet to pink marie:

gile ahh first tgk ko x prasan ke ade muke aku?..ahahahahhaha
nampaknye memang aku kene apply kat tv3 ni jadi host wanita hari ini pon jadikla...ahahahaha

shana said...

sempat mempoyo lagi kau pet. hahaha ye la gi la jadik another nurul syuhada. bes woo pusing2 satu dunya.