Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Working In Action

If you guys notice I was MIA for 2 weeks ...
Kalau engkorang perasan la...
Actually I was WIA (Working in action)
travelling from one place to another.

Medialiser was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture
to produce their corporate video.
Kinda big project for us and it’s loaaaads of fun.

On the production phase especially.
Mane tak nya dapat berjalan dari KL -Selatan – Utara n balik KL balik.
We need to cover their core business like plantation,
fisheries and veterinar.

Though it was fun..
it’s also very tiring, demanding, sleep-depriving
and stressful.
Just imagine, the calltime between 2am-4am..everyday!
And wrap around 11pm…
I’m not a morning person frankly.

Thank god I have a very great team –
thanks to pakjon, zul, syahmeir n mani.
You guys unbelievable.

I wanna write bout what happened on that 14 days.
Basically this is like a bloody facts / list or
whatever u wanna call it during production time.
Shooting or production of video just like a trip ..
So..here we go!

1. Transportation is very important.A cozy Toyota Hiace
is good enough especially for long distance travelling.
However it serves for many purposes.

For temporary accommodation.
When I said calltime at 2am...I ain’t kidding you

For camwhoring. Need skills to take a steady shot though.
Syahmeir… keep practising!

For a better angle, especially from bird eye view.
(mau client aku nanges kalau nengok nih)

2. Cover-up is important to avoid sunburn.
It can also define ur style.

you can wear cap from Planet Hollywood.
style inspiration- justin timberlake

Or RM 5 Camouflage hat from Uptown danau kota.
style inspiration - Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN)

It could be the ethnic mengkuang cowboy hat.
style inspiration - brokeback mountain...

Or a trendy/ hipster hat.
style inspiration - meet uncle hussein

who's talking bout style just now?

3. Sunblock. Do not leave this at home.
In case you dun wanna turn from Zhang Zi Yi to Oprah Winfrey.

Zul, however is immune to sunlight.
Started wearing sunblock recently anyway.

4. Prepare enough clothes.

U dunno what ur dealing with.
Choose comfy, casual clothes.Jeans is encouraged.
Skirt? Not really unless u wanna attract that little things up to your ass.

Wear your clothes with confidence.
Do not afraid to show off...

That extra tyre hanging round your belly

hokee...aku tau aku sesangat boncit

Or your last night sleeping shorts

Or that enormous hairy things..like I said..
wear it with confidence.

5. Pua Chu Kang Boot is very important.
Timberland / juxebox leather boot also can.
Sneakers is A-Okay

(tapi aku tak janji kasut ko akan cantik lepas tu)
High heels is not in the list...never.

Any type puachukang boot regardless of brand

Timberland/ camel/ dr cardin/ dr martin..ape2 boot lah boleh aje.

Sneakers pon no problem..weird position though…

But some people just love nature so much...
(hidden agenda: flashing hairy legs)

6. Sunglasses/shades is an added value.
Keyword: Protection and style.

Whether an aviator from topshop

or 10 ringgit Gucci sunglass from pasar malam Sri Gombak …
asalkan ado dan bergayoo...

7. Do not be ashamed to bring ur “bantal busuk”
(smelly pillow ke?).
ur team maybe laughed hysterically and shouted

“pett bawak bantal busukk!!” at mamak awal maju
(depan org ramai hoke..sesangatla gampang)
But it was worth it.
Especially when u have to sleep in the van 4 hours, everyday.

Sleeping beauty…ngeeeee

Now look who wanna piece of my bantal busuk?

to be continued...


Pink Marie said...

aku pon link ko. wahahah..
bes weh keje ko nie.

letak la shoutbox satu. bole aku kasi jeritan batinku=)

along said...

bantal busuk yg comel.

aku soka pakcek meet uncle hussein tuh ah.
but minah yg buat layering topi-topi tuh cam aku soka gak..haha~~

oy, bia la sunglasses 10 hengget skalipun, bukannye orang tauuuu pun.

*pembeli tegar sunglass 10 hengget and am proud of it..haha!!*

pet said...

pet to pink mary:
nanti ah aku letak shoutbox..batin aku ni pon dah melalak-lalak ni..ahahahahha

pet to along:
pakcik meet uncle husen memang bes weh.siap buat breakfast utk kitorang..kopi kampung sedappp gilee..aku x kesah kalau ko nak tiru style topi layering haku..tapi ko letakla butang sket bagi ade identiti ko..ahahahahahaha

along said...


pastuh ko pinjam dari aku, ko cabut butang2 tuh wat kenangan abadi, takpun ko jahit kat bantal bucuk ko so dat malam-malam ko tido, ko gentel2 butang tuh sampai tetido kan?