Friday, August 15, 2008

The Final Cut

my surfacing

My surfacing convocation!
congrats my dear...
after 3 bloody years for a degree.
after 3 years apart...
i think i am happier than you are!
congrats too for the 4th dean's list
and anugerah petronas from your faculty.

aku mengendeng-ngendeng kat dia

have you heard a quote from somewhere my dear...
About behind every successful man...there is a great super duper woman!
well i think everything make perfect sense now...

The superwoman?

my surfacing...
my dear...
you know that i am just too happy being with you.
i am glad you are the person i talk to
before i go to sleep
(skang susah sketla kalau ko shooting smpi pagi kan)

you know i will always be there for you.
though hard times, madness and joy...
cause being with you is the best damn thing ever happen to me.

fakulti dah macam taman plak.

eh tetibe entry konvo jadi entry lovey dovey lak kan.
suke hati hakula enway...
memang aku feeling-feeling sejak balik trip...
ngee hehehehe

two of us

so my dear,
congratulations again.
i'm glad we've come this far...
I wish for the next best thing to come ;)

Isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?
- before sunrise

1 comment:

along said...


congrats to ur surfacing.
congrats to u too.
congrats to both of you for reaching that far.

at least i know something that i believed once do come true.