Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Put a Smile on That Face

I went to see The Dark Knight at imax theatre last saturday with my surfacing.
I've booked the ticket earlier and the seat was worth it!
the long-awaited moment. the final hours.

so how's the movie?
I think this *figure can explain how the Dark Knight been doing...

1. widest release (4,366 theaters)
2. biggest midnight opening ($18.5M)
3. biggest opening weekend ($158.4M)
4. biggest July opener ($158.4M)
5. biggest PG-13 rated opening ($158.4M)
6. biggest single day ($67.2M)
7. biggest opening day ($67.2M
8. biggest Friday ($67.2M)
9. biggest Sunday ($43.6M)
10.biggest IMAX opening ($6.3M)
11. fastest to $200M in five days ($203.8M)-
crushing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,
Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith track records

* taken from

still not convince by the figures?
Let's take a look at the reviews from my fellow friends...

"Hugely entertaining, superbly acted and stunningly designed blockbuster that mixes adult themes with spectacular action and actually leaves you wanting more, despite its lengthy running time"

"The haunting and visionary Dark Knight soars on the wings of untamed imagination. It's full of surprises you don't see coming. And just try to get it out of your dreams"

"The Dark Knight is spectacular, visionary blockbuster entertainment: pretty much everything you could hope for and then some."


“The darkest. The meanest. The true cape-crusader. The Dark Knight is absolute”

so what are you waiting for?
book for ya tickets damn it!


zana said...

But I honestly think the Joker stole the show from Batman. It makes me recall the reason I love Heath Ledger from his 10 Things days.

pet said...

pet to zana:

yes he did zana.
and it makes me feel that we don't need another batman movie after this.
I hope Nolan let the Dark Knight as it is.
I don't think anyone can replace the late Ledger though i have few candidates in mind.