Monday, July 28, 2008

I Thought My Jokes Were Bad

I was in the elevator and i heard this conversation
by a mid 30's lady with her mid 20's galpal.

They chitchatted bout a movie
that earned 300 million in 10 days
(440 million worldwide so far)
and possibly will break the 600 million titanic record
in film history.

lady A :
Have u watched batman new movie?

lady B :
yeah (looking not excited)

lady A :
how was it? i think it's just plain. it's not heroic at all.

lady B : oh my god, i agree with you!

lady A :
it was tottalllyy not a superhero movie.
i mean how can a superhero give up just like dat.
it's not batman if he just give up like dat.

yeah i was half asleep throughout the movie.
so boring.

it's not even comical.
i went to OU and got the front row.

mine too.full house u know.
(both walked out from elevator)



* i went to see the Dark Knight for the 2nd time.
I was at cineleisure at 9 am and caught 11am show.
It was Fullhouse, again.

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