Thursday, April 30, 2015


Some of my close friends already knew this
My son, Muhammad Hamza just diagnosed with Autism (Mild-Moderate)
from NASOM and Child Development Centre (CDC), HUKM
We are currently searching for the best therapy and early intervention program
for Hamza (that will not bankrupt us because autism is expensive) 

So apa reaction aku masa child psychologist bagitau result assessment dia?
I felt relieved.
seriously lega. 
Because I've been observing Hamza since he's 15 months.
I can't denied the fact that he's a late bloomer
at 16 months dah bawak dia buat hearing test and Alhamdulillah normal.
So I've waited until 20 months (adjusted age) to hear his first word
There's none.

So I wait no more and started calling Nasom and CDC buat appointment
untuk assessment.
bawak jugak speech therapy assessment and the SLP pun expressed her concerned.
memang ada traits autism tu.

At first , I made myself believe it probably ADHD 
Because he's really hyper, short attention span etc
But from time to time, the traits become more obvious
from the hand flapping, stimming, less eye contact and tip toeing.

I started searching for more articles about Autism
watch more youtube videos on the treatment
join FB "Austime Malaysia, "Kelab anak Autisme"  and more

So yes, 
when I heard the diagnosis, I felt relieved.
I got more assurance from Child Development Centre (CDC) HUKM
Time wasted no more and this is the best age to get the help he needed.
Now I have the answers, I just have ask more questions.

Did I cry?
Yes, loads.
But I cried because I feel like I'm not doing good enough for Hamza, yet.
He is my son and I still look at him the same just like before the diagnosis.
He is the same person.
He just need more support, love and attention from us.

I didn't share his condition on other social media because I don't want sympathy or likes
I just want your Doa.
However, I will blog more about  our journey, Insya'Allah
I will only blog to share info for future special supermom and superdad out there.
I'm still learning and this is just the beginning of our wonderful journey.

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Maria said...

salam hai. i baca mengenai anak u . anak i pun ada simpton autism dan now i sangat sedih. Apa yang perlu i buat? check di nasom etc