Friday, January 16, 2015


I am working - to work
not to make friends
I'm going to work to make a living.
You don't have to pity me just because I'm having breakfast or lunch at my desk
or I don't wait for another person to join me to go to surau
or I don't participate gossiping about other people

I choose to be alone
I choose to leave my house-work-go back and take care my family
I don't feel the need to participate any outside work activity, bowling etc
I'm not being arrogant or rather rude
I smile at you
I greet you with Assalamualaikum or good morning or simply smile
I just don't want to share with you about my personal life, my hobby, my family or my friends

Yes, I do have friends
In fact I have lots of them
all kinds
The bestest friends
Friends that I contact and meet regularly
Friends that I invite to my house or to my mom's kenduri
So thank you for your concern
I am perfectly happy with my circle of friends 
that you are not in.


Joe Cocker - With a Little Help From My Friends


safurara said...

hmmmm~ morning.xtau nk komen faham ur situation =)

pet9 said...

biasalah zaman single tak sama dengan zaman beranak pinak. some people just don't get it why I want to be alone