Friday, May 16, 2014


17 September 2012
(Age: 17 days)

Can somebody explain to me how this tiny, wrinkly helpless baby
magically turned into this active, cheeky, 12 kilo toddler?

27 April 2014 
(20 months 3 weeks)

Time sure flies.
But I won't change a thing.
No matter how old you grow,
you will always be my baby...
That tiny, wrinkly, helpless baby boy.

The Beatles - A day In a Life


Cik Hazz said...

picture last tu dengan muka Hamza sekarang tak berubah.. ;)

Hana Soffelia said...

aauwww pet, tba2 u buat i rasa rindunya kat baby i too. hehe

Sure pet, masa berlalu dgn sgt cepat2. rasa mcm baru duk timang anak,tba2 dh berlari hari ni.