Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just realized
I never blog about my bestfriend's wedding, shananeh
They got married last christmas
7 months pending story

Actually....I do know I haven't write or posted up anything about it
So sorry my dear friend
I wanted to do that but there's too many pictures...
So let me break it down and start with the pre-wed celebration

It's a week before their wedding
Me and Neesa did the setup at Sweet Tree, Ampang
It's a nice cosy Korean-Malaysian restaurant
We got a room to ourselves
Shana and Muiz thought it would be just a casual lunch
It was actually,
but we spiced it up with some decorations

We had makan-makan...
Honestly i'm not into korean food so didn't really enjoy the food
I just hope shana and muiz enjoy this little get-together

Actually 2 weeks before that we went to Penang together
It's work + trip kinda thing
and we wanted to do bridal shower for Shana
But then we got tired and lazy...
haha boleh tak
So that's why we came up with this so-called luncheon

hopefully we can spend sometime later
celebrating other "things" pulak
You know what i mean, babe :)

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1 comment:

shana said...

thanks for the entry and memories.
hehe you guys are friends for life. insya Allah, lets hope tht we can keep this friendship for as long as we could. And yeah soon, it will be you pulak, can't wait for your big day. Love you, pet.

And neesa, quickly untangled the confusions okay and insya Allah hope you will get one good future husband too :) Love you both so much.