Monday, October 04, 2010


"Kenapa kau gemuk lepas raya? Bulan puasa berat tak turun yeh?"

I get that all the time.
So let me answer you why

I blame it all on Bazaar Ramadan
It's always try and error for me & surfacing
We bought different menus that look delicious like these:

Mac & cheese melawati
Rating: 2/10
Comment: They should rename to mac & water

Nasi goreng Usa Melawati
Rating: 8/10
Comment: Addictive.
Note: Available everyday

Kebab Danau Kota
Rating: 7/10
Comment: delicious but too expensive.

Kambing Bakar Danau Kota
Rating: 5/10
Comment: Too dry.

Nasi Lemak Malis Danau Kota
Rating: 9/10
Comment: Rasa sedap maintain je
Note: Available everyday

Buffet Restoran Bambu Hulu Klang
Rating: 5/10
Comment: so so je buffet dia.

Sup Daging Restoran Bambu Hulu Klang
Rating: 8/10
Comment: Life saviour buffet kat sini

Udang sambal Restoran Bambu Hulu Klang
Rating: 8/10
Comment: Life saviour jugak.

Tapai pulut Melawati
Rating: 9/10
Comment: macam dadah!

Nasi Kukus Melawati
Rating: 8/10
Comment: Sedap dan harga berpatutan

Kambing bakar Melawati
Rating: 8/10
Comment: Sinful

Manhattan Fish Market Seafood Platter
Rating: 9/10
Comment: We finish up the whole plate.Sebutir nasi pon takde.

Wendy's Mushroom Melt Burger
Rating: 10/10
Comment: We ate 2 burger each.
That's how marvelous the mushroom melt is.
Note: Available everyday

Itu baru sikit ye.
So don't ask me ridiculous question anymore, will ya?
I'm a good eater and i'm lovin it!

Alanis Morrisette - Ironic

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