Friday, August 20, 2010


sweet couple

I have a thing for older men
It's not a secret among my best friends
even to my dear surfacing
They all aware of it

the perfect suit

he's so attractive and i'm speechless

There's something about the older guy
that attract my attention
probably the wrinkles that add character to the face

Well Surfacing said that...
yes honey, u said woman become old and wrinkly
but for men, it will add up to their character
just like Clint Eastwood

Gary Oldman in Dracula

Daniel Day Lewis

Maybe because they are more patient
and soft spoken?
laid back and well composed
A father figured kinda thing

I guess again,
it's more of their character...
how they talk to people
being a listener
and manage to look good at it
so effortless and calm

It's like nothing gets in their way
nothing really intimidates them
well to be fair,
they live for like what?
50 years or something right...

M. Nasir... oh hensem nyee

I know that My Surfacing
will be as handsome as these people
when he gets older (wobb wobb..ngeee)

Having said that,
the next 20 years, InsyaAllah
I have to be really careful
with girls like me who you know...
likes older men ;)

Here's My Surfacing + flash forward 10 years
Kinda charming isn't he?
wob wobb.

Eric Clapton - My father's eyes


zulkarnainazhar said...

wei agak2 laaa wei letak gambar tu...aduhaiiiiiii...p/s: jgn suke the "DUDE" sudahhhhhhhh!!!!!

pet said...

my surfacing:
padan muke ko wobwob..hahaha...