Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Muhammad Hayyman Haziq

Muhammad Hayyman Haziq

I look at my 7 days nephew, Muhammad Hayyman Haziq
Its amazing when you look at his face
you only think of one thing -
Allah is great.

by creating such a wonderful, harmless and cuddly creature
that lights up the room
with his innocent, calm and at ease expression

Hayyman & mummy

Muhammad Isyraq Hadif & Muhammad Hayyman Haziq

so small, so helpless
but smell so good
so dear to look at
so huggable and cute
my sunshine and starlight

Mak Lang & Hayyman

wish to have my own soon...ngeee :)

anyway congratulations to my good friend & walking dictionary
Normy & his pretty wife, miss xavier
She just delivered a baby boy.
baby Ayden born today, 3.5 kg
oh dear, i'll kill to get the birthday date!

Jack Johnson - Sitting, Wishing, Hoping


zulkarnainazhar said...

widget n mini widget..hihihi

denasot said...

tekujat aku.muka cam ko lak baru pas branak...kekhehke