Thursday, June 05, 2008

Attack of Lah Vader

courtesy from utusan online

I heard the news at 3pm yesterday right before
they announced for a press conference at 5.
I should have known.

If i just go earlier before the breaking news
i wouldn't have stucked in the madness last nite.
2.70 per litre, are you fuckin kidding me LAH VADER?
u see..
i use RM10 daily to go to work...
now i have to add another 40% from the fuel price?
u raise the government servant's salary but what about us?
i wonder how you use the grey-haired ball u called head...

If you want to raise the price...
but don't you know the bloody term called "tolerance" ..
don't use the tiny flesh u called brain to at least
give us some time to embrace the shocking news?
at least 2 days laaa LAH VADER.

Before this u've been playin hide n seek saying it will
increase in august lah end of year lah..
now why u did this sudden death action
that cause high blood pressure, nausea,
lost control in anger management to this dearly rakyat?

Don't make me angry...
you won't like me when i'm angry mister.
Count me in with other millions voters that turning
their back on you, damn it.

so, LAH VADER, i have nuthin much to say except

1 comment:

YAYA said...

memang sakit hati giler okeh!
minyak naik, gaji pekerja kerajaan naik, diorang takde la masalah, abis tu org yg keje swasta ni? siot la DIORANG NI...