Monday, August 15, 2011

War Inside My Head


I heard rumors that turns into newsflash
about Metallica in KL December 2, 2011
Apparently they said,
the concert organizer already booked Stadium Bukit Jalil

If it's really happening
It's gonna be hugeee
It's freaking Metallica we're talking about here, man
Definitely sold out 100,000 seats or more
Let alone Malaysia
Fans from Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand will be flooding KL too

I have mix feeling.
I'm excited and happy
At the same time I'm a bit down

The reason?
The ticket is gonna cost a bomb
Talking bout 500-1k MYR
and I'm getting married at the end of December
Huge sums of money there.

Can I make it to Metallica with the wedding and stuff?

Oh wait,
To add more salt to the wound...


Children of Bodom live in Singapore.
November , 17

A month before my wedding.
That's just freaking great.
Hate crew now hate myself.

Metallica - The Unforgiven part 2

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