Friday, August 21, 2009


10 years anniversary

oh oh oh...
is this for real?

CD/ DVD selftitled debut album
Special DVD on short documentary with live and backstage
never seen footages around the world
music videos
package artwork with photos
T-shirt, patch, collector's cards,
keychain plus a few more surprises.
all pack in a special steel box
oh dear
oh well

SLIPKNOT 10th-anniversary box edition!
"10 Years Of Life Death Love Hate Pain Scars
Victory War Blood And Destruction"

I feel like crying
feels like a bloody shopaholic
getting her first LV bag
oh who the fuck cares anyway

I am so gonna get this
and so does Surfacing
Let's order this freaking box set, my dear!

slipknot - (sic)

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denasot said...

pet gilo..ngeheheh