Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Bang Bang"

Feel like doing something to my hair...
since i wear hijab ...
i dun really care how my hair looks like
as long it's clean and smells flowery

i'm getting bored of this dull looking
wavy hair
Think of getting a new haircut...
maybe do some rebonding

i've been eyeing this hairstyle for quite sometime
ni sume watchmen punye pasal
i really adore silk spectre hair
even though it's just wig ke ape kan

i totally wanna get my hair done like this
but not now
maybe in a month or two after the roadshows

pattie boyd or the infamous layla,
eric clapton & george harrisons' muse

so, do u think it suits my frame?

the doors - people are strange

1 comment:

Pink Marie said...

suke sgt ni, tp tak sesuai ngn aku..
susah nk blog bang mcm tu weh. asik kejung je