Monday, March 03, 2008

Jekyll & Hyde

jekyll and hyde
17 April 2006 12.49

the perfect strangers...
strange allies
know so well
there on time
learning day by day
no regret
no regress
ain't no infatuation
ain't no fixation
subliminal passion
the forbidden fruit
knowing it so wrong
feeling so right
i'm mystified..
inevitably addictive
caught of the guard

Jekyll and Hyde..
This is one of my favourite character.
A fine line between the good and the bad
different behaviour
split personality
i love to write poem bout em.
sometimes i kinda feel the existance of
jekyll & hyde in the real world.

how can we determine the good and evil present in all men?
we always identify the goodness...
can we ever hide the devil within?
the good and the bad
conspire as one, exactly the same...
it's exactly the same.

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