Wednesday, January 16, 2008


2007 gone..
now it's 2008.
and this crappy blog is still here though
i posted not more than 10 entries per year i think.
everybody talking bout resolution.
i'm tired of it.
the same thing every year.
lose the weight, better job, younger look,healthy life.
seriously sume org nak mende yang sama.
a betterment of life.

as for me, 2008 is the long-awaited year.
i mean look at all the movies release this year.
the darknight of course.
heath ledger as the joker, what could you say more.
thank god the release on june..
i can watch it with my surfacing.
hopefully ade tayang imax.
seat D19,D20 will be ours!

other anticapating movies will be The Iron Man,
hellboy 2: golden army,
the incredible hulk, punisher, hancock..
though i'm quite dissapointed with the last incredible hulk movie..
but who knows..
they make it better. hopefully.

dammit.i just can't wait.
you don't know how excited you just made me.

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