Thursday, December 30, 2004

The angry tsunami

lazy sunday, i woke up early ( usually..never!)..
i went to the bathroom to take a shower and saw
my ayah outside excitedly exercise
(mane nak turun perut kalo melantak teh susu malam2..hihhi)
and i notice that heavy mist outside my house..
it's rarely happen for the last 2,3 months..
feel so great dat time..
cam cameron highland lak(tak penah pegi pon enway)

dat evening around 6pm, i went to neesa's house..

cam beser la balik same2..and she told me about
the tsunami and i was so i can't believe
it can happen here..sumhow i wonder the mist is probably
a sign that sumthin unexpected and sad will happen..

i was shocked and saddened by the tragedy that has hit

Malaysia and other countries spanning the Indian Ocean.
The death toll is now over 80 000 and according

to The International Red Cross warned Wednesday that the toll could surpass 100,000.

What can WE do? Here in Malaysia, Nationwide Express

has been actively involved in transporting much-needed
clothes and blankets to our tsunami victims in the north.
They have 117 branches throughout Malaysia. You, and
everyone else here, can collect clothes and blankets from
your families, offices, schools or colleges,
then call the Nationwide Express hotlines at 03-55121000
and 03-55127000 to find out how you can get the packages to them.

If you want to donate money (which will then be used to

send volunteer doctors and medical supplies to Penang,
Kedah, Acheh and Sri Lanka, inshaallah), you can collect
from your community, then send the money directly to Mercy Malaysia
through anyone's Maybank account,
and credit it to account number 5621 7950 4126.
(You can check with Mercy at 03-42569999 for the accuracy of their Maybank account number.)

Let all of us now pray to God to give the victims

strength to endure the hardship they are going through and
for the safety of the people and country, and for such

a disaster to not happen again.

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